Career Exploration

Job Exploration

DRAFT:  For NH schools in NHVR seacoast region, create an ELO for students participating in the Pre-Employment Transition Services Curriculum. Students will develop an understanding of how to explore different postsecondary career options and develop job “seeking and keeping” skills.


This ELO aligns with Strafford Learning Center’s Curriculum for NH Vocational Rehabilitation Pre-Employment Transition Services: Job Exploration Counseling. The curriculum includes a series of five units.  This ELO was designed to accompany the first unit’s activities and allow for credit to be earned as part of the classroom-based experience. You have to complete a training to receive the full curriculum.  For more information on upcoming trainings, please contact Amy Cook at Strafford Learning Center.

  • Essential Question:  How can I best navigate and prepare for post-secondary career choices?
  • Areas of study:  Career exploration 
  • Type and amount of credit earned:  ½ credit
  • Community partner: NHVR and/or a small group of local employers may be involved in some of the lesson delivery, but will not work directly with students to assess learning


Competencies and activities are addressed as part of the curriculum to be delivered by trained individuals. Competencies and activities are directly aligned to student’s individual interests that are student driven and teacher facilitated. Please see ELO example and lesson plans within the required curriculum manual for an in-depth look at specific competencies and activities.

  •  Identify work-related preferences and barriers
  • Complete online interest inventory and learn about possible job matches
  • Explore a career field and learn about entry level position tasks and opportunities for gaining relevant experience
  • Identify opportunities for gaining relevant experience and educational or skill training as well as available school resources
  • Identify networking opportunities and learn the value of networking as it relates to seeking employment
  • Identify general workplace expectations related to professional appearance

See the detailed ELO description for the full text of these competencies.

Student activities

After reviewing self-report assessment and interest inventory results, choose three jobs or career fields to explore further.

Student will compile a binder of completed modules/ competencies that includes reflective components. Components of the modules include:

  1. Self-report assessments
  2. Interest inventories, self-reflection
  3. Exploration of results
  4. Creation of a career ladder
  5. Training and networking leads
  6. Dress code synopsis
  7. Information about local companies and interviewing tips/skills.


The final project will be a completed binder of job exploration activities and contain reflective components. Student will present to a small group of students and educators the results of this job exploration ELO and what their next steps will be to achieve their post secondary goals. The presentation will be in a format that the student is comfortable with and will follow a rubric.

More information

Detailed ELO description and links to resources

This ELO was submitted by Julie Healey, Raymond High School, and aligns with Strafford Learning Center’s Curriculum for NH Vocational Rehabilitation Generalized Pre-Employment Transition Services: Series 1, Job Exploration Counseling.  Email teacher for more information

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