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Autobody as an Art Form

Combine a career interest of auto-body work and love of cars to meet the graduation requirements for art and half of an English course. This ELO is structured with separate essential questions, competencies and activities for Career Exploration, Art, and English. Overview Essential Questions: Is auto-body work a good career option for me? Should auto-body repair […]

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Photography as Service Learning

Photography as Service-Learning

How can I use photography to help others? Understand and develop the skills you will need to be a successful photographer in today’s world, build your portfolio, and experience learning through service-based activities. Overview Essential Question: How can I use photography to help others? Areas of study: Art and/or vocational photography, community service Type and amount of […]

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Picture of cyanotype image

Science and Photography

Explore two seemingly different areas, art and science.  Research the history of science and photography and the impact the two have had on one another, and then create your own artwork using science. (more…)

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Sample page from Conval Yearbook with photos from Homecoming events

Yearbook for Credit

Plan, design, and produce a project that captures your school community by using online design, journalistic writing, budgeting, and collaboration skills. (more…)

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Prof Artist (2)

Professional Practice in Visual Art

How do artists make a living? The most common concern of art students and parents is the difficulty of making a living with artwork. This ELO is an opportunity to develop an understanding of how artists make, share, and sell their artwork. Overview Essential Question: How do artists make a living? Areas of study:  Visual Arts, […]

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Photo by Elisabeth Fuchsia of Community Arts Event, Broke: The Affordable Arts Fair, Peterborough, NH, June 11, 2016

Community Arts Event Organization

Discover what’s involved when planning and executing a community-based arts event. (Examples: musical performance, visual arts workshop, collaborative public art creation, poetry reading, dance performance, theater.) Overview Essential Question:  How do you plan and execute a public arts event? Areas of study: visual arts, music, theater, writing, or other creative interests Type and amount of credit […]

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What is a Curator (2)

What Is a Curator?

Broaden your knowledge of visual art careers. Develop an understanding of what it means to be a curator. Curate a collection of art objects in a public space. (more…)

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Two ballet dancers standing, backs to camera

Dancing for Fitness

Participate in dance studio classes. Develop an understanding of the relationship between dance, physical fitness, and education and/or career goals. Overview Community partner: dance studio Academic area: physical education, dance, performance art Competencies Participation in physical activity as a lifelong activity Understand movement concepts and strategies Demonstrate ways to achieve and maintain a healthy and enhancing level of physical fitness. Analyze relationship […]

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