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Sample page from Conval Yearbook with photos from Homecoming events

Yearbook for Credit

Plan, design, and produce a project that captures your school community by using online design, journalistic writing, budgeting, and collaboration skills. (more…)

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Foreign Lang photo

Learning a Foreign Language

Learn a foreign language independently with a group of students. Become your own teachers. Overview Essential Question: Can I learn a foreign language and understand another culture on my own? Areas of study: Foreign Language or elective credit Type and amount of credit earned:  ½ credit Community partner: A fluent speaker of the language. (For example at […]

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Cover of The Link school magazine with photo of woman covering her face

School Newspaper or Literary Magazine

Learn journalistic planning, interviewing, and writing techniques through the production of a quality publication that is sustainable and interesting to read. This group ELO will also enable students to understand the financial, legal, and ethical issues surrounding public publications. (more…)

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teenage boy aiming camera

Career Exploration: Where will I be in 2025?

Explore educational and occupational opportunities, experience the realities of the workplace, and identify both the technical skills and individual qualities you need to succeed in your field of interest. ELO includes classroom and internship components and can be done with an individual or a group. Overview Essential Question: Where will I be in 2025, and how will I […]

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