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Neuroscience 2

Introduction to Neuroscience

Participate in a college online introduction to neuroscience course while working with a mentor to expand your exploration based on specific areas of interest. Overview Essential Question: How can I expand my knowledge of Neuroscience via an online MIT courseware class? Areas of study: Psychology and Science Type and amount of credit earned: 1 credit […]

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The Environment and Honey Bees

Work with a local beekeeper to research the genetics of bees and understand what threatens the bee population, how the climate affects plants as their food, and relationships of bees with other species. Overview Essential Question:  How do bees and humans interact? Areas of study: Biology Type and amount of credit earned: 1 Biology credit (core) […]

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Forensic science

Introduction to Forensic Science

Learn to analyze characteristics of human and animal hair, blood, and fingerprints.  How is a crime scene processed? Create a faux crime scene, collect evidence and present a closing argument. Overview Essential Question: How can forensic science aid in the investigation and litigation of crimes? Area of study: Science Type and amount of credit earned: 1 […]

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Picture of cyanotype image

Science and Photography

Explore two seemingly different areas, art and science.  Research the history of science and photography and the impact the two have had on one another, and then create your own artwork using science. (more…)

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photo of teenage girl in apron with whisk and mixing bowl

Working as a Dietary Aide

Explore cooking and menu planning for clients with dietary restrictions while learning what goes into success in the workplace. Overview Community partner: assisted living facility Academic area: vocational, culinary Competencies Demonstrate responsibility, dependability, punctuality and integrity. Demonstrate positive self concept in beginning work experience. Work effectively with others: respect diversity, contribute to group efforts. Adapt food preparation skills […]

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Photo of Chemistry lab counter with beakers

Laboratory Assistant

Serve as a chemistry lab assistant and gain practical experience beyond what is found in a traditional classroom. Overview Community partner: high school chemistry lab instructor Academic area: chemistry Competencies Responsibility, dependability, punctuality and integrity Understand safe storage and organization of materials Research and follow instructions Read and apply procedures Learn disposal procedures Understand relationship of […]

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