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Photography as Service Learning

Photography as Service-Learning

How can I use photography to help others? Understand and develop the skills you will need to be a successful photographer in today’s world, build your portfolio, and experience learning through service-based activities. Overview Essential Question: How can I use photography to help others? Areas of study: Art and/or vocational photography, community service Type and amount of… Continue reading: Photography as Service-Learning

Sample page from Conval Yearbook with photos from Homecoming events

Yearbook for Credit

Plan, design, and produce a project that captures your school community by using online design, journalistic writing, budgeting, and collaboration skills. Overview Essential Question:  How do we create a yearbook that is more than just a collection of images, but truly tells the story of that year? Areas of study: English, technology and/or recovery credits… Continue reading: Yearbook for Credit

Cover of The Link school magazine with photo of woman covering her face

School Newspaper or Literary Magazine

Learn journalistic planning, interviewing, and writing techniques through the production of a quality publication that is sustainable and interesting to read. This group ELO will also enable students to understand the financial, legal, and ethical issues surrounding public publications. Overview Essential Question:  How do we create and manage a successful sustainable student publication that people actually want… Continue reading: School Newspaper or Literary Magazine

teenage boy working on computer

Information and Communication Technology

Become familiar with computers and their application in modern society by exploring computer hardware and software. Complete a range tasks and projects using information and communication technology. Overview Essential Question: How are computers used in modern society, and what skills, hardware, and software make technology communication effective? Areas of study: technology, communication Community partners: self-employed IT professional, video game developer… Continue reading: Information and Communication Technology