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Engineering Design and Development

Choose a real world problem in the STEM fields, and design a possible solution. Overview Essential Question: How can an engineer design a solution to a local, regional or global problem that benefits industry and society? Area(s) of Study: Engineering Amount of credit earned: One credit Community Partners: Could be manufacturing and engineering firms, college… Continue reading: Engineering Design and Development


Chef-to-School Specialty Dinners

Work with local chefs and restaurants to compose menus of their signature dishes. Prepare the food and serve it to the local community one evening. Overview Essential Question: Is there more to executing a successful meal service than just the ability to cook? Area(s) of Study: Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management Amount of credit earned: Group… Continue reading: Chef-to-School Specialty Dinners


Arranging Music for a Band

Arrange an original composition for your high school band. Overview Essential Question: How do musicians generate ideas, make creative decisions, and decide when creative work is ready to share? Area(s) of Study: Music Amount of credit earned: 0.5 Music elective credit Community Partner: Band director Competencies Use sound to represent ideas. Use sound to make expressive statements. Demonstrate the… Continue reading: Arranging Music for a Band

Medical Lab Technology

Work as a tech in a real medical lab. See if phlebotomist could be a career for you. Overview Essential Question: How can I expand my knowledge of medical lab technology and explore whether or not I am suited for a career as a medical lab technician? Areas of study: Technology Type and amount of… Continue reading: Medical Lab Technology

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TV News Broadcaster

Lights, camera, action! Learn and practice the techniques and strategies reporters use in broadcasting and interviewing in the studio and on the scene. Overview Essential Question: What’s involved in broadcasting to the local community? Area(s) of Study: Communciations Amount of credit earned: one half elective credit Community Partner: Cable studio program director, town administrator, recreation… Continue reading: TV News Broadcaster

IT Problems and Solutions

Improve your technical problem solving skills by supporting departments in your town. Overview Essential Question: How can I apply technical skills to assist town operations? Area(s) of Study: Information Technology Amount of credit earned: one elective credit Community Partner: Town information technology director Competencies Protocols and operations – demonstrate an understanding of the link between… Continue reading: IT Problems and Solutions


Behind the Scenes of a High School Production

Direct a full-length play at your high school. Overview Essential Question: What are the steps necessary for putting on a student-run show? Area(s) of Study: Theatre Arts Amount of credit earned: one elective credit Community Partner: school theatre director Competencies Business protocols – understand theatre contractual requirements, maintain finances and budget projections. Leading others – demonstrate effective… Continue reading: Behind the Scenes of a High School Production


Evolution in Action

Update, revise and teach a real-world science, student-to-student evolution curriculum. Overview Essential Question: How can I implement my knowledge of evolution into da- to-day lab procedures for high school freshmen in Biology Honors? Area(s) of Study: Science/Biology Amount of credit earned: six credits over two years Community Partners: two high school biology teachers, director and staff… Continue reading: Evolution in Action

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Become a Real Estate Agent

Explore the work of a real estate agent, flip houses, learn the law, use design software, market your business. This was five ELOs! Overview Essential Question: The initial ELO grew into five ELOs, over two years time. Each ELO had its own essential question: What are the different ways clients are represented by real estate brokers… Continue reading: Become a Real Estate Agent