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Hampton’s Involvement in WWI

Work with your local historical society to learn about your town's involvement in WWI. Overview Essential Question: Why is it important to study local history and what tools do we use to answer historical questions? Areas of study: Social Studies Type and amount of credit earned: 2 credits (equivalent to a trimester course). Could be… Continue reading: Hampton’s Involvement in WWI

Making a Translation Program “Think”

Overview Essential Question: What is involved in translating syntactics and semantics into a computer program and how can irregularities and inconsistencies in language rules affect the coding behind it? Area(s) of Study: Linguistics/Computer Programming.  Amount of credit earned: 6 Credits (Equivalent to 3 trimester courses.) Community Partner: Linguistics Professor at the University of New Hampshire. Competencies Content Specific Competencies… Continue reading: Making a Translation Program “Think”
RENEW photo for ELO sample

RENEW Career Exploration

For schools that have a RENEW program, consider making it into an ELO for participating students. Overview Essential Question: What are my strengths, interests and goals for life after high school and how will I get there? Areas of study: Career exploration Type and amount of credit earned:  1 elective credit Community partner: RENEW Facilitator, identified… Continue reading: RENEW Career Exploration

woman signing

American Sign Language as a Foreign Language

Learn about how American Sign Language fits into deaf culture, and practice communicating about familiar topics using sign language. Overview Essential Question: How does the deaf population/culture interact with the hearing culture? Areas of study: Foreign language Type and amount of credit earned: 1 Foreign language (elective) Community partner: Local translator Competencies Communicate on very… Continue reading: American Sign Language as a Foreign Language


For the Love of Reading

Share your love for reading by participating in a local library preschool story hour program. Research and observe a preschool story-hour programs, and plan one story hour reading and related activity. Overview Essential Questions: Why do I love to read? How do I help preschool children develop a love of reading? How do I use… Continue reading: For the Love of Reading

Neuroscience 2

Introduction to Neuroscience

Participate in a college online introduction to neuroscience course while working with a mentor to expand your exploration based on specific areas of interest. Overview Essential Question: How can I expand my knowledge of Neuroscience via an online MIT courseware class? Areas of study: Psychology and Science Type and amount of credit earned: 1 credit… Continue reading: Introduction to Neuroscience

Women in Government

Observe and participate in the democratic process and learn about the leadership roles that women are playing in government. Overview Essential Question: How can I learn about the democratic process and the leadership roles women are playing in NH government? Areas of study: Social Studies, Civics Type and amount of credit earned: 1/2 credit Community… Continue reading: Women in Government

Rock climbing

PE Through Rock Climbing

Challenge yourself by learning rock climbing skills – improve your personal fitness, learn and apply strategies, and practice responsible and respectful interaction with other climbers. Overview Essential Question: How much can I push myself and improve my rock climbing skills? Area of study: Physical Education Type and amount of credit earned: 1/2 Physical education credit… Continue reading: PE Through Rock Climbing