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Behind the Scenes of a High School Production

Direct a full-length play at your high school. Overview Essential Question: What are the steps necessary for putting on a student-run show? Area(s) of Study: Theatre Arts Amount of credit earned: one elective credit Community Partner: school theatre director Competencies Business protocols – understand theatre contractual requirements, maintain finances and budget projections. Leading others – demonstrate effective… Continue reading: Behind the Scenes of a High School Production


Evolution in Action

Update, revise and teach a real-world science, student-to-student evolution curriculum. Overview Essential Question: How can I implement my knowledge of evolution into da- to-day lab procedures for high school freshmen in Biology Honors? Area(s) of Study: Science/Biology Amount of credit earned: six credits over two years Community Partners: two high school biology teachers, director and staff… Continue reading: Evolution in Action

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Become a Real Estate Agent

Explore the work of a real estate agent, flip houses, learn the law, use design software, market your business. This was five ELOs! Overview Essential Question: The initial ELO grew into five ELOs, over two years time. Each ELO had its own essential question: What are the different ways clients are represented by real estate brokers… Continue reading: Become a Real Estate Agent

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Spanish Fluency Via a Middle School Classroom

Improve your Spanish fluency by assisting and teaching in middle school Spanish classes. Overview Essential Question: How can immersion help me with my Spanish fluency? Area(s) of Study: Spanish. Amount of credit earned: 2 credits (Equivalent to one trimester course). Community Partner: middle school Spanish teacher. Competencies Content-Specific Competencies Interpersonal speaking: engage in conversations in the target language.… Continue reading: Spanish Fluency Via a Middle School Classroom

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Ballistic Launcher Project

Explore the engineering and the design process by building a ballistic launcher. Overview Essential Question: How can statistical analysis affect the design and performance of a ballistic launcher? Areas of study: Engineering and Statistics Type and amount of credit earned: 2 credits, equivalent to a full trimester course Community partner: Engineering and design company Competencies… Continue reading: Ballistic Launcher Project


Hampton’s Involvement in WWI

Work with your local historical society to learn about your town’s involvement in WWI. Overview Essential Question: Why is it important to study local history and what tools do we use to answer historical questions? Areas of study: Social Studies Type and amount of credit earned: 2 credits (equivalent to a trimester course). Could be… Continue reading: Hampton’s Involvement in WWI


Making a Translation Program Think

Create a translation computer app that “thinks” as it translates in order to create a more cohesive and understandable sentence. Many available translation programs go word by word rather than attempting to find the complete meaning of a phrase, and since many words have multiple meanings and translations, the end result can be garbage. Overview Essential… Continue reading: Making a Translation Program Think

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Personal Genetics

Explore your own sequenced genome with the help of a direct-to-consumer genetic sequencing service. Perform lab protocols for DNA extraction and purification. Overview Essential Question: How is personal genetics data obtained and what can it tell me about my health and heritage? Area(s) of Study: Science/Biology Amount of credit earned: 2 credits (equivalent to one trimester course) Community… Continue reading: Personal Genetics


Occupational Therapy with Children

Explore the field of occupational therapy. Overview Essential Question: What is occupational therapy (OT) all about? Area(s) of Study: Health Sciences Amount of credit earned: one elective credit Community Partner: occupational therapists Competencies Observation and confidentiality – respect information acquired and understand the link between therapist/patient relationship and student confidentiality. Medical conditions – understand the… Continue reading: Occupational Therapy with Children

RENEW photo for ELO sample

RENEW Career Exploration

For schools that have a RENEW program, consider making it into an ELO for participating students. Overview Essential Question: What are my strengths, interests and goals for life after high school and how will I get there? Areas of study: Career exploration Type and amount of credit earned:  1 elective credit Community partner: RENEW Facilitator, identified… Continue reading: RENEW Career Exploration