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For the Love of Reading

Share your love for reading by participating in a local library preschool story hour program. Research and observe a preschool story-hour programs, and plan one story hour reading and related activity. Overview Essential Questions: Why do I love to read? How do I help preschool children develop a love of reading? How do I use… Continue reading: For the Love of Reading

Neuroscience 2

Introduction to Neuroscience

Participate in a college online introduction to neuroscience course while working with a mentor to expand your exploration based on specific areas of interest. Overview Essential Question: How can I expand my knowledge of Neuroscience via an online MIT courseware class? Areas of study: Psychology and Science Type and amount of credit earned: 1 credit… Continue reading: Introduction to Neuroscience

Women in Government

Observe and participate in the democratic process and learn about the leadership roles that women are playing in government. Overview Essential Question: How can I learn about the democratic process and the leadership roles women are playing in NH government? Areas of study: Social Studies, Civics Type and amount of credit earned: 1/2 credit Community… Continue reading: Women in Government

Rock climbing

PE Through Rock Climbing

Challenge yourself by learning rock climbing skills – improve your personal fitness, learn and apply strategies, and practice responsible and respectful interaction with other climbers. Overview Essential Question: How much can I push myself and improve my rock climbing skills? Area of study: Physical Education Type and amount of credit earned: 1/2 Physical education credit… Continue reading: PE Through Rock Climbing


The Environment and Honey Bees

Work with a local beekeeper to research the genetics of bees and understand what threatens the bee population, how the climate affects plants as their food, and relationships of bees with other species. Overview Essential Question:  How do bees and humans interact? Areas of study: Biology Type and amount of credit earned: 1 Biology credit (core)… Continue reading: The Environment and Honey Bees


Autobody as an Art Form

Combine a career interest of auto body work and love of cars to meet the graduation requirements for art and half of an English course. This ELO is structured with separate essential questions, competencies and activities for Career Exploration, Art, and English. Overview Essential Questions: Is auto-body work a good career option for me? Should auto-body… Continue reading: Autobody as an Art Form

Picture of cyanotype image

Science and Photography

Explore two seemingly different areas, art and science.  Research the history of science and photography and the impact the two have had on one another, and then create your own artwork using science. Overview Essential Question: Can we use science to make art? Areas of study: Art or recovery science credit Type and amount of credit earned:… Continue reading: Science and Photography

Two ballet dancers standing, backs to camera

Dancing for Fitness

Participate in dance studio classes. Develop an understanding of the relationship between dance, physical fitness, and education and/or career goals. Overview Community partner: dance studio Academic area: physical education, dance, performance art Competencies Participation in physical activity as a lifelong activity Understand movement concepts and strategies Demonstrate ways to achieve and maintain a healthy and enhancing level of physical fitness. Analyze relationship… Continue reading: Dancing for Fitness