Essential Question examples

Examples of Essential Questions

  1. Does music create culture, or vice versa?origami
  2. How is math an art form?
  3. Is life always balanced?
  4. Is fair always equal? Is equal always fair?
  5. What does it mean to be human?
  6. Because we can, should we?
  7. Who is an American?
  8. How can learning about other cultures teach us about our own?
  9. What does Dr. Seuss have to say to adults?
  10. Why are so many US teens homeless?
  11. How does engine design affect performance?
  12. How do humans learn language?
  13. How has [country’s] history and culture shaped its gastronomy?
  14. What can current politicians learn from previous leaders?
  15. Who benefits from adopting a shelter dog?
  16. What are the needs of a depressed high school student?
  17. How does a leader maximize the effectiveness of a group?
  18. Where is the line between art and craft?
  19. What lies at the end of the quest for beauty?
  20. Does nature or nuture affect human development more?
  21. What makes a robot effective?
  22. What is true/truth?
  23. Do the ends justify the means?
  24. Is there a silent spring in our future?
  25. What makes video games fun to play?
  26. How does a mother’s behavior impact her fetus?
  27. What is our impact on the world?
  28. What does it mean to be “Army Strong”?
  29. Is anything ever really “carbon neutral”?

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