Behind the Scenes of a High School Production

Direct a full-length play at your high school.


  • Essential Question: What are the steps necessary for putting on a student-run show?
  • Area(s) of Study: Theatre Arts
  • Amount of credit earned: one elective credit
  • Community Partner: school theatre director


  • Business protocols – understand theatre contractual requirements, maintain finances and budget projections.
  • Leading others – demonstrate effective delegation and communication, recognize and acknowledge ideas and achievements in others.
  • Leading self – exhibit high standards of ethics and integrity. Develop an understanding and awareness of managing style.
  • Communications – use effective written and oral correspondence methods. Gain knowledge of marketing in newspapers, television and social media.
  • Problem-solving – develop strategy to communicate organizational change. Demonstrate peer management and conflict resolution skills.

See the detailed ELO description for the full text of these competencies.

Student Activities

  • Choose the show to be performed.
  • Determine and execute a timeline from show start to production.
  • Apply for the license with the school, complete paperwork, seek approvals.
  • Maintain spreadsheets that pertain to the needs of the show.
  • Create a projected budget for costumes and props. Track receipts, count and reconcile money.
  • Cast the show.
  • Create a rehearsal schedule and rehearsal policies.
  • Run rehearsals.
  • Proofread and edit flier and program.
  • Manage changes and make decisions.
  • Facilitate the technical aspects of production
  • Run the show through all performances.


  • Progress meetings with the student, school theatre director and ELO Coordinator.
  • Completion of midterm student assessment checklist by the theatre director.
  • ELO Coordinator’s student observation and theatre director’s discussions.
  • ELO Coordinator’s viewing of the final production.

More information

Connect with the school’s theatre director early in the school year to discuss requirements, approval process, and student goals.

This ELO was submitted by Holly Londo, School to Career/Transition Coordinator at Windham High School. Email Holly for more information