Career Cluster Internship

Explore one or more career clusters. Career clusters are groups of careers for which you need similar knowledge and skills.


  • Essential Question: Would this career cluster suit me?
  • Area(s) of Study: One of 16 career clusters
  • Amount of credit earned: Embedded in a 1/2 credit semester course
  • Community Partners: a mentor-type person from the career cluster of interest to the student


  • Getting a job – understanding of methods, processes and documents to present to a prospective employer or college.
  • Interpersonal skills – knowledge of how an employer and employee must work cooperatively while maintaining ethical decorum.
  • Work and life connections – understanding of the link between lifestyle, the occupation you want, and the education you need.
  • Keeping a job – understanding of how to meet employer expectations consistently and with rigor.

Student Activities

  1. Research and select a career cluster to explore.
  2. Work, paid or unpaid, at a job site for a minimum of 80 hours during the semester.
  3. Participate in 15 hours of related academic instruction.
  4. Prepare weekly journal entries and reflections in accordance with journal-keeping guidelines.
  5. Get a written performance evaluation (Learning Plan) from your worksite supervisor during the semester.
  6. Prepare and present an 11-point final presentation to the class.
  7. Prepare a summative written paper to accompany the final presentation.


There are assessments for each competency:

  • Students will understand that there are methods, processes and documents to present to a prospective employer or college.
    1. Produce a professional quality resume.
    2. Demonstrate an understanding of your career/postsecondary interests using a variety of resources.
  • Students will understand that the employer and employee must work cooperatively without stereotype while maintaining ethical decorum.
    1. Observe a variety of ethical, organizational, and interpersonal conflicts and scenarios, then prepare reflective essays in response.
  • Students will understand that there is a link between lifestyle, the occupation you want, and the education you need.
    1. Complete a multi-part postsecondary academic and occupational portfolio.
    2. Present a variety of interests, skills, work values at which you have succeeded and/or wish to pursue.
  • Students will understand that employer expectations must be met consistently and with rigor.
    1. Complete a multi-part work-focused performance evaluation with your internship site supervisor.

More information

This one-semester (0.5 credit) elective integrates students’ academic and work-based learning experiences. Outside the ELO, the student completes 30+ different short activities associated with career planning, post-secondary education planning, personal finance, and business ethics. See the FAQ in the ELO Details for this ELO. We find the 15 hours of classroom experiences are important to equip students with pre-employment skills, enhance connections between school and careers, and promote their personal growth and development.

We maintain an ever-changing list of industry partners representing industries from across southern NH.

This ELO was submitted by Doug Cullen, Manager of Career Services at Pinkerton Academy. Email Doug for more information