Career Exploration: Where will I be in 2025?

Explore educational and occupational opportunities, experience the realities of the workplace, and identify both the technical skills and individual qualities you need to succeed in your field of interest. ELO includes classroom and internship components and can be done with an individual or a group.


  • Essential Question: Where will I be in 2025, and how will I get there?
  • Community partner: a local employer in the student’s field of interest
  • Academic area: career exploration, credit recovery


  • Self-Knowledge
  • Educational and occupational exploration
  • Career planning
  • Communication skills
  • Professional development

See the detailed ELO description for the full text of these competencies.

Student activities

  • Complete interest inventory and career assessments on an online career exploration website.
  • Organize and format a cover letter, resume worksheet, resume, and reference page. Complete a sample job application.
  • Maintain a weekly journal reflecting on tasks completed, thoughts, feelings, etc.
  • Participate in work experience totaling 40 hours.
  • Attend three workshop/presentations and/or college tours on topics related to education/occupational readiness. Complete a reflection sheet for each experience.
  • Participate in a mock interview in the community with employer and receive feedback via evaluation form.
  • Complete a final project to summarize his/her ELO experience.


Student participates in an exit interview and portfolio review to summarize the ELO experience, as well as creates a final project which answers the essential question.  Final project is evaluated by teacher and community mentor.

More information

This ELO was submitted by Mary Beth Hammond, High School Transition Specialist at Granite State Independent Living. It was designed for a group of at-risk high school students with disabilities who participated in Earn & Learn, Granite State Independent Living’s alternative education program. It includes classroom and internship components and can be done with an individual or a group. Email teacher for more information