College Professor

What is it like to be a college professor and how do you get there?


  • Essential Question: What is it like to be a college professor and how do you get there?
  • Area of study: Career Exporation
  • Type and amount of credit earned: 1/2 elective credit
  • Community partner: tenured and adjunct professors


  • Relevant Terminology – understand relevant vocabulary such as tenure, associate, adjunct, etc.
  • Pathway – understand pathways to becoming a professor.
  • Market – be versed in job availability, salaries, cost of education, institutions.
  • Career Research – engage in career research and create novel tool to assist others in this task.

Student activities

  1. Identify how to proceed with approach; map out plan in ELO template.
  2. Brainstorm resources and conduct initial outreach via email and phone.
  3. Conduct phone interviews with college professors in the social sciences and humanities.
  4. Conduct in-person interview with an adjunct professor.
  5. Participate in sometimes daily meetings with ELO coordinator to check in on progress and provide direction for independent work.
  6. Maintain reflective digital journal during the course of the ELO.
  7. Conduct online research regarding salary, job satisfaction, market, and demand.
  8. Visit a Social Sciences class at local university.
  9. Produce tool that will be used by a career exploration class here.
  10. Produce slides for final presentation, comprehensively documenting learning.
  11. Present to ELO Coordinator, School Personnel including teacher of record, and a group of peers.


Student met with ELO Coordinator and Certified School Personnel on the ELO team weekly or more. Rubrics were supplied for research, reflection, product and presentation. Each of these pillars were assessed.

More information

This student approached the ELO with a real sense of discovery and independence. The student has a study hall block that she wanted to dedicate to this work so she worked on it nearly daily.

This ELO was submitted by Amy Yeakel, Director of Extended Learning, Newfound Regional High School. Email teacher for more information

June 2022