Early Childhood Education/Survey of English Genres

Explore early childhood education and earn English credit by coordinating and promoting a fundraiser for a cause that you are passionate about!


  • Essential Questions:
    • ECE – What knowledge and skills do I need to obtain a career in the field of early childhood education?
    • English – What types of writing (and speaking) must I be proficient in to organize and conduct a fundraising event?
  • Areas of study: Elective, English
  • Type and amount of credit earned: 1 elective credit, 1 English credit
  • Community partners:  Student worked in two alternative elementary schools and a daycare.


  • Student will understand basic brain anatomy and development over a child’s first five years of life.
  • Student will understand how external factors such as environment and stimuli can impact the cognitive development of a young person.
  • Student will understand how internal factors such as diet, heredity and emotional development can impact the cognitive development of a young person, particularly a young person with disabilities.
  • Student can develop career awareness and readiness as it relates to working with special needs children in early childhood education.

See the detailed ELO description for the full text of these competencies.

Student activities

  • Plan, organize and carry our a 5k road race to raise money for the Autism Speaks organization (2 semesters)
  • Intern twice weekly at alternative elementary schools

Early Childhood Education activities

  1. Research Autism and compare development of typical children and those with Autism
  2. Small assignments and mini-projects on brain development and factors that influence development
  3. Research ECE career opportunities; create a plan to obtain a career in the field

Survey of English Genres activities

  1. Write and send professional letters seeking donations
  2. Write and send thank you letters
  3. Utilize multiple modes of communication with stakeholders while planning a large scale fundraiser
  4. Create and promote advertising for the event
  5. Communicate through multiple forms of media to promote event


Student is assessed independently on assignments for the Early Childhood Education course, and elementary school staff community partners provide input into whether or not the student reached each competency, as well. There is not a formal assessment for this course.

For the Survey of English Genres course, the student is assessed on their ability to effectively communicate through different types of writing, and across different media platforms. Student writes and goes through the revision process, and is assessed on their ability to use the writing process to create effective messages to a variety of audiences.

More information

This project was fantastic, BUT it was an enormous undertaking, which required a lot of commitment from not just the student, but the student’s parent, and the ELO Coordinator. The student did raise over $1,000 for Autism Speaks, though.  I would recommend that if you have a student who does an event like this that you START with the donation letters, even before you have the course laid out, and the date set. This was a cumbersome process, and getting the letters out early would have made it much easier. There were a lot of businesses that were willing to help, but they needed more time.

Detailed ELO description and links to resources

This ELO was submitted by Terrill Covey, Extended Learning Opportunity Facilitator, Strafford Learning Center.  Email teacher for more information