Fiddle Music and Music History

The impact of music and its connection to people, fiddle music’s historical connections.


  • Essential Question: How does music affect people? How do people come together around music—both player and listener?
  • Area of study: Music, Music History
  • Type and amount of credit earned: 1/2 elective credit
  • Community partner: NH Fiddle Ensemble


  • Play by Ear – Actively improve ‘play by ear’.
  • Conducting – Improve actively in ability to follow conductor.
  • Improvisation – Improve improv abilities.
  • Style/Origin – Compare and contrast music styles, origins, historical meanings and emotional impacts of selected musical pieces.

Student activities

  1. Map out learning plan using ELO template. Identify how to combine interest in fiddle work (has been playing since grade 3) with music history.
  2. Conduct online research around essential question and fiddle music historically.
  3. Play fiddle 2-3x per week or more. Actively participate as a second year in the NH Fiddle Ensemble.
  4. Maintain reflective digital journal during the course of the ELO.
  5. Learn novel pieces of fiddle music.
  6. Produce Google Slides and present to ELO Coordinator, School Personnel including teacher of record, and Principal. Presentation included historical information and five live performance pieces.


Student met bi-weekly with ELO Coordinator and Certified School Personnel. Rubrics were supplied for research, reflection, product and presentation. Each of these pillars were assessed by school music teacher.

More information

This is a reminder of how established outside-of-school activities can be so logically transferred to a credit-bearing ELO. While the student stated their essential question around the impact of music and connection to people, they then closely focused on the historical connection of fiddle music to historic topics that are challenging, such as slavery.

Student had regular access to soundproof practice rooms at school to work during a Study Hall.

This ELO was submitted by Amy Yeakel, Director of Extended Learning, Newfound Regional High School. Email teacher for more information

June 2022