IT Problems and Solutions

Improve your technical problem solving skills by supporting departments in your town.


  • Essential Question: How can I apply technical skills to assist town operations?
  • Area(s) of Study: Information Technology
  • Amount of credit earned: one elective credit
  • Community Partner: Town information technology director


  • Protocols and operations – demonstrate an understanding of the link between technology and the objective of each town department,e.g., fire, library.
  • Customer service – listen to customer concerns and communicate course of action to resolve the issue.
  • Hardware principles – identify system resources and install and configure computer hardware.
  • Problem solving – troubleshoot and solve computer problems. Differentiate between hardware, software and user related problems.

See the detailed ELO description for the full text of these competencies.

Student Activities

  • Get exposure to town departments that require technical support from the town IT Director.
  • Provide hardware repairs: install and set up servers, run and install cabling between
    buildings, install network and graphic cards for computers and work on tablets and mobile
  • Provide software support: verify that all Windows, Office Software and AV Software are up
    to date, run peripheral updates such as Java and Adobe Reader, program in Virtual Basics for
    Applications, work on websites, find deleted files and Email spam.
  • Experience community support activities such as observing interpersonal relationships
    within each town area, documenting and reporting user concerns, and assisting with day to
    day employee computer troubles.


  • Submitted weekly journal entries listing what was observed, new learning, personal reflection
    and any challenges or difficulties.
  • Daily IT Director follow up on student progress and work completion.
  • Observed quarterly by the ELO Coordinator.
  • Assessed daily by IT Director regarding technical skill and problems solved.
  • End of the year student summary involving the student, town IT Director and school IT Director.

More information

Welcome the opportunity to intern within multiple town operations and staff. The more technical issues to deal with, the greater the problem solving and hands-on learning will be.

This ELO was submitted by Holly Londo, School to Career/Transition Coordinator at Windham High School. Email Holly for more information