Salon Services

Practice your salon skills in a student-run salon.


  • Essential Question: What makes an exceptional client experience in a salon?
  • Area(s) of Study: Cosmetology
  • Amount of credit earned: Group ELO embedded in a 2-year program earning two credits per year.
  • Community Partners: Advisory board composed of area salon owners and stylists, customers receiving  services, and postsecondary schools.


Partial mastery of:

  • Manicure/Pedicure – understand basic nail theory and provide basic nail care services.
  • Facial – understand basic skin care theory and provide services.
  • Haircutting – theory and practical of hair cutting techniques.
  • Clinic/business – fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship.

Student Activities

  • Participate in student-run salon once a week.
  • Welcome customers at reception desk.
  • Perform desired services for clients:
    • manicure
    • pedicure
    • facial
    • shampoo
    • haircut
    • haircolor
    • hairstyle
  • Take payment at reception desk and book next appointments.
  • Perform the day-end cash drawer procedure and other management duties.
  • Participate in competitions:
    • Cosmetology In Action hair show
    • SkillsUSA – state and national competitions in Esthetics, Cosmetology and Barbering


Students are observed a minimum of three times for their interactions with guests, from the reception desk intake, throughout the entire service, and the client checkout process. Students complete the client intake record card, and are assessed on how well they complete their consultation with their client. They get supervisor agreement before proceeding with the client service. The student’s goal is to complete the service correctly without redirection.

More information

To do this within the school you must have a CTE cosmetology program that is approved by the Cosmetology State Board through the state of New Hampshire. Instructors must have a cosmetology license to be able to teach cosmetology in the state at both the high school level and at postsecondary schools.

This ELO was submitted by Keryl Reid Rabideau, Cosmetology teacher at Pinkerton Academy. Email Keryl for more information