TV News Broadcaster

Lights, camera, action! Learn and practice the techniques and strategies reporters use in broadcasting and interviewing in the studio and on the scene.


  • Essential Question: What’s involved in broadcasting to the local community?
  • Area(s) of Study: Communciations
  • Amount of credit earned: one half elective credit
  • Community Partner: Cable studio program director, town administrator, recreation department director


  • Research – research potential guests. Learn how best to research and report on town proposals and events.
  • Interviewing techniques – Learn about techniques and strategies reporters use in preparing for and conducting broadcast interviews.
  • Problem solving – Time management involving interview strategies with one or multiple guests. Know when to improvise scripts.

See the detailed ELO description for the full text of these competencies.

Student Activities

  • Under the direction of community partners, research the individuals are be interviewed. Determine the purpose and goal for the interviews.
  • View past ‘Town Talk’ shows to familiarize yourself with various styles of interviewing.
  • Discuss with Community Partner interview tips and do’s and don’ts of broadcasting.
  • Prepare for interviews: create script questions, draft cue cards and practice interviewing, eventually memorizing script.
  • Review questions and concerns with cable studio program director and town administrator prior to the interview time.
  • Conduct interviews for the local cable station. Learn how to balance the conversation, time and when to improvise.
  • Become familiar and comfortable with the camera for offsite reporting for town events such as the town fire department’s practice burn.
  • Edit footage of travel reports per cable studio director’s approval.


  • Progress meetings with student, town administrator, recreation director, cable studio director and ELO Coordinator.
  • Completion of the student assessment checklist by the recreation director.
  • ELO Coordinator’s visits to the cable studio to view student in action.
  • Powerpoint presentation and video clips of ELO experience and discussion, shared with ELO coordinator, community partners and school newspaper editor.

More information

Connect student to a local TV studio as well as town hall staff. Provide an opportunity for student to learn and broaden skills on and off-camera. This would include previewing cable shows and news footage of various broadcaster’s style and technique. Allow extra time for student to practice on and off camera. Encourage and challenge student to be open to new challenges and receptive to constructive feedback.

This ELO was submitted by Holly Londo, School to Career/Transition Coordinator at Windham High School. Email Holly for more information