For Students

For Students

ELOs are learning experiences outside your classroom, for credit.  This section will help you decide whether an ELO is a good idea for you, and how to get started.

An ELO is:

  • A learning experience for credit based on your interest(s) that takes place outside of the classroom
  • Created by a team that includes:
    • the student
    • a teacher
    • a community partner (a mentor either outside or inside the school who is an expert in your area of interest)
    • a parent or guardian
    • and other key players as determined by your school

Watch this video to hear from students in ELOs:

Student in front of library bookcase holding a sign that says "web design"

ELOs at Hinsdale High School –  this video was created by a student as an ELO in Video Production, and it highlights three other students and their individual ELOs. 6:19 minutes.

ELO Examples

These ELO examples can give you an idea of the great range and variety of possible ELOs.

NOTE: Please click on the View All button to expand the portfolio.

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Conval Yearbook

Yearbook for Credit

Plan, design, and produce a project that captures your school community by using online design, journalistic writing, budgeting, and collaboration...
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Photo of toddler climbing on an indoor play structure

Working in Childcare

Learn what goes into success in the workplace and gain an understanding of early child development. Overview Community partner: a...
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photo of teenage girl in apron with whisk and mixing bowl

Working as a Dietary Aide

Explore cooking and menu planning for clients with dietary restrictions while learning what goes into success in the workplace. Overview Community...
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Women in Government

Observe and participate in the democratic process and learn about the leadership roles that women are playing in government. Overview...
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What is a Curator (2)

What Is a Curator?

Broaden your knowledge of visual art careers. Develop an understanding of what it means to be a curator. Curate a...
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The Environment and Honey Bees

Work with a local beekeeper to research the genetics of bees and understand what threatens the bee population, how the...
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teaching 2 cropped

The Art of Teaching

Patience? Empathy? Passion? Purpose? Subject knowledge? What are the real skills that teachers need to be successful in the classroom?...
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Picture of cyanotype image

Science and Photography

Explore two seemingly different areas, art and science.  Research the history of science and photography and the impact the two...
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Cover of The Link school magazine with photo of woman covering her face

School Newspaper or Literary Magazine

Learn journalistic planning, interviewing, and writing techniques through the production of a quality publication that is sustainable and interesting to...
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RENEW photo for ELO sample

RENEW Career Exploration

For schools that have a RENEW program, consider making it into an ELO for participating students. Overview Essential Question: What are...
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Prof Artist (2)

Professional Practice in Visual Art

How do artists make a living? The most common concern of art students and parents is the difficulty of making a...
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Photography as Service Learning

Photography as Service-Learning

How can I use photography to help others? Understand and develop the skills you will need to be a successful photographer...
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Rock climbing

PE Through Rock Climbing

Challenge yourself by learning rock climbing skills – improve your personal fitness, learn and apply strategies, and practice responsible and...
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Making a Translation Program “Think”

Overview Essential Question: What is involved in translating syntactics and semantics into a computer program and how can irregularities and inconsistencies...
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Learning Childhood Development through Experience

Work at a local daycare while researching early childhood development.  Observe the children, and then develop and deliver lesson plans....
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Foreign Lang photo

Learning a Foreign Language

Learn a foreign language independently with a group of students. Become your own teachers. Overview Essential Question: Can I learn a...
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Lab 2

Laboratory Assistant

Serve as a chemistry lab assistant and gain practical experience beyond what is found in a traditional classroom. Overview Community...
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Neuroscience 2

Introduction to Neuroscience

Participate in a college online introduction to neuroscience course while working with a mentor to expand your exploration based on...
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Forensic science

Introduction to Forensic Science

Learn to analyze characteristics of human and animal hair, blood, and fingerprints.  How is a crime scene processed? Create a...
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teenage boy working on computer

Information and Communication Technology

Become familiar with computers and their application in modern society by exploring computer hardware and software. Complete a range tasks and projects using information...
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For the Love of Reading

Share your love for reading by participating in a local library preschool story hour program. Research and observe a preschool...
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Photo of feet in gym shoes next to water bottle

Exercise Program

Create your own exercise or workout program. Develop an understanding of the importance of physical activity to your life now...
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Early Childhood Education/Survey of English Genres

Explore early childhood education and earn English credit by coordinating and promoting a fundraiser for a cause that you are...
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Two ballet dancers standing, backs to camera

Dancing for Fitness

Participate in dance studio classes. Develop an understanding of the relationship between dance, physical fitness, and education and/or career goals. Overview Community partner: dance studio Academic...
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Photo of teenage boy explaining project to a woman viewer at exhibit table

Consumer Science

Acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to make a successful transition from school to the world of work and adult...
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Community Arts Event (2)

Community Arts Event Organization

Discover what’s involved when planning and executing a community-based arts event. (Examples: musical performance, visual arts workshop, collaborative public art creation,...
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teenage boy aiming camera

Career Exploration: Where will I be in 2025?

Explore educational and occupational opportunities, experience the realities of the workplace, and identify both the technical skills and individual qualities you...
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Autobody as an Art Form

Combine a career interest of auto-body work and love of cars to meet the graduation requirements for art and half of...
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house on hands

Applying Marketing Strategies to Heighten Community Awareness

Learn about your town – how do town administrators and businesses get the community involved with events, areas of concern, and...
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woman signing

American Sign Language as a Foreign Language

Learn about how American Sign Language fits into deaf culture, and practice communicating about familiar topics using sign language. Overview...

ELOs allow you to:

  • Be hands on – work with somebody who is doing this for a job
  • Explore something you’re interested in that’s not offered at school
  • Get credit recovery, if you need it
  • Design a class to fit your learning style
  • Get credit for a hobby or extracurricular activity (sport, music, art, etc.)
Keene State College landscaper on his knees planting flowers, 2 teenage boys standing next to him

Students who do ELOs might:

  • plan to go to college after high school
  • plan to go into a job after high school
  • be on the honor roll
  • be working with an IEP or Section 504 plan
  • enjoy classroom work but want to expand
  • prefer “real life” experience to the classroom
  • want variety in learning
  • have interests that are not part of the traditional curriculum
  • and more…

In other words… ANYONE!!

ELOs can happen:

  • At a job site (e.g., business, agency, studio, police or fire department, etc.)
  • Within your school, but in a different role (e.g., lab assistant, food service, information technology, etc.)
  • At a combination of places (e.g., home, school and with a community mentor, etc.)

Look into an ELO that works for you by asking:

  • your school’s ELO coordinator
  • a teacher
  • a guidance counselor
  • a principal
  • a parent

to explore the options!  New Hampshire schools are required to have a policy about ELOs, even if they do not yet offer them.  If your school is new to ELOs, this website can help a teacher to get you started!