For the Love of Reading

Share your love for reading by participating in a local library preschool story hour program. Research and observe a preschool story-hour programs, and plan one story hour reading and related activity.


  • Essential Questions:
    • Why do I love to read?
    • How do I help preschool children develop a love of reading?
    • How do I use my love for reading to build communication & social skills with the librarians, story-hour participants & their parents?
  • Area of study: English or elective
  • Type and amount of credit earned: 2 English or elective credits
  • Community partner: community librarian


English Competencies

  • Reading: comprehend, analyze, and critique a variety of increasingly complex print & non-print informational texts
  • Writing: write to effectively convey ideas for a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Research: engage in research/inquiry to investigate topics and to analyze, integrate, and present information
  • Speaking & Listening: purposely, effectively, and strategically make decisions about content, language use, and discourse style

ELO Competencies

  • Prepare, initiate & participate in conversation with story hour attendees by asking for feedback/comments on books read, and ask comprehension questions
  • Explore books through play by developing games and/or art projects to conduct with story hour participants

See the detailed ELO description for the full text of these competencies.

Student activities

  1. Conduct research on the history of community library story hour program
  2. Research the components of a successful community/library pre-school story hour
  3. Record observations of the story hour and evaluate the program using tenets from the research
  4. Use a review site/periodical to create a recommended list of 12 children’s books to review with librarian in preparation for reading during story-hour
  5. Shadow the Children’s librarian during story hour, record observations, and debrief
  6. Use to review ways to build in an activity related to chosen book
  7. Choose a children’s book, create an activity, and conduct a mock story hour with the librarian
  8. Conduct story hour reading and activity
  9. Videotape the story hour reading and activity
  10. Record weekly reflections and write final reflection paper.


Student is assessed based on portfolio of work including the weekly reflection journal, a research binder, and a project presentation of the story hour video. To earn English credit, the student presents his/her project to his/her English teacher &/or English college interns, English Dept Director, ELO coordinator, and guidance counselor to determine the quality of the project and presentation, and whether student has fulfilled the requirements and earned 2 English/Elective credits.

Detailed ELO description and links to resources

This ELO was submitted by Nancy Travers, Winnacunnet High School

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