Learning Childhood Development through Experience

Work at a local daycare while researching early childhood development.  Observe the children, and then develop and deliver lesson plans.


  • Essential Question: Is teaching in Early Childhood Education a career that is a good fit for me?
  • Areas of study: Career Exploration, Child Development
  • Type and amount of credit earned: 1/2 Career Exploration (elective), 1/2 Child Development (Elective)
  • Community partner: Daycare educator


  • Understand conditions that influence child development from conception to middle childhood.
  • Understand that child development theories have implications for working with children.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to work with young children.
  • Generate relevant questions and gather information from appropriate, reliable sources.
  • Reflect on actions, outcomes, processes, and learning to develop and enhance skills.
  • Design and create an original artifact/project that synthesizes newly gained knowledge and reflects personal learning style.
  • Present learning through relevant artifacts, explanations of key ideas, and connections linking key ideas.
  • Understand that workplace behaviors such as punctuality, responsibility, producing quality work, and appropriately responding to feedback are essential for post-secondary success.

See the detailed ELO description for the full text of these competencies.

Student activities

  1. Create timeline to illustrate development at different stages of childhood from conception to age six.
  2. Research effects of heredity and environment on early childhood development.
  3. Compare the theories of human development from three major contributors.
  4. Observe and explain actions of children based on two of the theories, and complete formal observation reports.
  5. Compare three services offered or arranged by the NH DHHS that involve services to children or families.
  6. Construct a timeline of important milestones in child protection in our country.
  7. Research requirements for early childhood certification.
  8. Research and compile education requirements.
  9. Research and log career statistics.
  10. Create two lesson plans to be delivered.


Student was assessed throughout the ELO process to ensure understanding of the material. Student worked at a local daycare four days a week, researched child development milestones, theories, protective services, and career/education requirements. Student created slideshows, info graphics, lesson plans, and a story book as assessments/artifacts for each topic. Student then completed a 60-minute presentation of learning to connect artifacts to the course competencies. The purpose of the presentation was to demonstrate a full understanding of the competencies and explain how the work is evidence of mastery. Student gave a 20-minute presentation that was open to the community.

This ELO was submitted by Anne Banks, Pittsfield Middle High School

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