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Autobody as an Art Form

Combine a career interest of auto-body work and love of cars to meet the graduation requirements for art and half of an English course. This ELO is structured with separate essential questions, competencies and activities for Career Exploration, Art, and English. Overview Essential Questions: Is auto-body work a good career option for me? Should auto-body repair… Continue reading: Autobody as an Art Form

Applying Marketing Strategies to Heighten Community Awareness

Learn about your town – how do town administrators and businesses get the community involved with events, areas of concern, and improving their town?  Work with your town’s recreation coordinator, Town Hall administrator and a local cable station to see how these roles weave together to create community! Overview Essential Question: What business techniques can be used… Continue reading: Applying Marketing Strategies to Heighten Community Awareness

Children learning about first responders

The Art of Teaching

Patience? Empathy? Passion? Purpose? Subject knowledge? What are the real skills that teachers need to be successful in the classroom? Research, observe, instruct, and ultimately determine your own key qualities for what makes a good teacher. Overview Essential Question:  Can anyone be a teacher – what are the real skills teachers need to have to… Continue reading: The Art of Teaching

What is a Curator (2)

What Is a Curator?

Broaden your knowledge of visual art careers. Develop an understanding of what it means to be a curator. Curate a collection of art objects in a public space. Overview Essential Question: What is the role of a curator? Areas of study: visual arts Type and amount of credit earned: 1/2 credit, arts credit, or elective… Continue reading: What Is a Curator?

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Consumer Science

Acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to make a successful transition from school to the world of work and adult life, including financial literacy, communication and conflict resolution skills, and skills to contribute to community and society. Overview Essential Question: How do I affect the systems within which I live and work? Community partner: YWCA or similar… Continue reading: Consumer Science

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Working as a Dietary Aide

Explore cooking and menu planning for clients with dietary restrictions while learning what goes into success in the workplace. Overview Community partner: assisted living facility Academic area: vocational, culinary Competencies Demonstrate responsibility, dependability, punctuality and integrity. Demonstrate positive self concept in beginning work experience. Work effectively with others: respect diversity, contribute to group efforts. Adapt food preparation skills… Continue reading: Working as a Dietary Aide

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Working in Childcare

Learn what goes into success in the workplace and gain an understanding of early child development. Overview Community partner: a local early childhood learning center Academic area: career exploration, early childhood education Competencies Demonstrate responsibility, dependability, punctuality and integrity Demonstrate positive self-concept in beginning work experiences Work effectively with others Apply problem solving and reasoning… Continue reading: Working in Childcare