Information and Communication Technology

Become familiar with computers and their application in modern society by exploring computer hardware and software. Complete a range tasks and projects using information and communication technology.


  • Essential Question: How are computers used in modern society, and what skills, hardware, and software make technology communication effective?
  • Areas of study: technology, communication
  • Community partners: self-employed IT professional, video game developer


  • Understand computer terms.
  • Identify computer hardware components.
  • Understand use of software and its different applications.
  • Plan, create, manage, and lay out documents using word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.
  • Understand role of technology in society.

See the detailed ELO description for the full text of these competencies.

Student activities

  • Complete a weekly journal on ELO experience.
  • Create resume, cover letter, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet, and printed brochure.
  • Create Google account and set up email.
  • Identify components of a basic computer system.
  • Complete personality test that includes questions about ethical internet use.
  • Utilize various browsers and search engines.
  • Complete and submit online job application.


Student submits a final project or presentation which can take on any form s/he chooses (with approval from the overseeing educator). Examples include: creation of their own website, Prezi, or PowerPoint presentation to showcase skills and demonstrate learning.

More information

This ELO was submitted by Mary Beth Hammond, High School Transition Specialist at Granite State Independent Living. It was designed for a at-risk high school students with disabilities who participated in Earn & Learn, Granite State Independent Living’s alternative education program. Email teacher for more information