Laboratory Assistant

Serve as a chemistry lab assistant and gain practical experience beyond what is found in a traditional classroom.


  • Community partner: high school chemistry lab instructor
  • Academic area: chemistry


  • Responsibility, dependability, punctuality and integrity
  • Understand safe storage and organization of materials
  • Research and follow instructions
  • Read and apply procedures
  • Learn disposal procedures
  • Understand relationship of individual qualities and training to work
  • Reasoning and application of learning

Student activities

  • Keep chemicals, materials and equipment stored and organized.
  • Perform tasks as assigned.
  • Prepare and label solutions for class.
  • Assist budgeting by logging materials to be replenished.
  • Follow instructions and procedures specified n Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Properly dispose of used solutions.
  • Analyze relationship of ELO to goals.
  • Keep journal of skills, techniques and application of learning.


Student presents the original write-up and improved write-up with sample data for a choice of two experiments that were set up during the current school year.

More information

Download a template to create an ELO Project Outline (MSWord, 2 pages) that fits the needs of your student.

This ELO was submitted by David Chapman, Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator at Manchester Memorial High School. It was designed for high school students with an interest in science with the added responsibility of coordinating lab materials and equipment. School rules prevented sharing of detailed materials.