RENEW Health Domains Exploration

For schools that have a RENEW program, consider making it into an ELO for participating students.


  • Essential Question: What are my health-related strengths, interests and goals for life after high school and how will I get there?
  • Areas of study: Health
  • Type and amount of credit earned: elective credit
  • Community partner: RENEW Facilitator, identified social services partners (school resource officer, Planned Parenthood, NH Coalition for Domestic Violence, etc.


  • Disease Prevention with Health Resources: Student will demonstrate an understanding of heart disease and communicable diseases.
  • Fitness: Student will demonstrate an understanding of setting health related fitness goals by assessing fitness results, setting attainable goals, and identifying training principles to meet goals.
  • Domestic Violence: Student will demonstrate an understanding of what domestic violence is.
  • Media Influence: Student will demonstrate an understanding of community and media influence on health behaviors.
  • Mental Health Impact: Student will demonstrate an understanding of mental health issues and their impact on overall health.
  • Nutrition Practices: Student will demonstrate an understanding of healthy nutrition practices.
  • Problem Definition and Solving: Student will demonstrate an understanding of identifying, defining, and solving problems.
  • Substance Abuse Effects: Student will demonstrate an understanding of the risks and effects associated with substance use.
  • Family Life and Sexuality: Student can explain the meaning of gender-related terms, discuss the range and variety of consensual sexual behaviors with youth in nontechnical, understandable language, and psychosocial and environmental factors that impact sexual and reproductive health.

See the detailed ELO description for the full text of these competencies.

Student activities

  • Engage in a student-centered future’s planning process with a trained RENEW Facilitator.
  • Identify your vision for life after high school, any barriers, or concerns that may limit your ability to achieve this vision.
  • Set three concrete goals that will allow you to move towards your vision.
  • Identify what additional knowledge, skills, and additional resources you will need in order to achieve your personal goals.
  • Select one of the health competencies to research, evaluate, and share in an agreed upon format (poster, a paper, short film, or multimedia presentation, portfolio) what you learned, and how it influences your personal health habits.
  • Solicit support from your community to work toward your goals.


The student communicates about and analyzes the connections between experiences and targeted competencies and predicts future behaviors/decisions based on his/her analysis and how the various health competencies impacts their decisions, growth and goals.

Student will present their Future’s Plan, their goals, next steps and action plan for achieving the goals, information on how they developed a support team to assist with the goal attainment as well as documented progress on the goals.

More information

This ELO was created to give students participating in RENEW an option to earn credit.

This ELO was submitted by Heidi Cloutier from the UNH Institute on Disability. Email Heidi for more information