Working as a Dietary Aide

Explore cooking and menu planning for clients with dietary restrictions while learning what goes into success in the workplace.


  • Community partner: assisted living facility
  • Academic area: vocational, culinary


  • Demonstrate responsibility, dependability, punctuality and integrity.
  • Demonstrate positive self-concept in beginning work experience.
  • Work effectively with others: respect diversity, contribute to group efforts.
  • Adapt food preparation skills for all menu categories.
  • Understand that food safety and sanitation play a vital role in health and wellness.

Student activities

  • Write initial essay on job acquisition process.
  • Journal and log activities every day.
  • Two- to three-page business analysis of the hosting community partner.
  • Write a final reflective essay.


Student participates in a portfolio review that includes a daily activity log and reflective journal, final reflection essay, a business analysis, and evaluation from a supervisor.

More information

Download a template to create an ELO Project Outline (MSWord, 2 pages) to fit the needs of your student.

This ELO was submitted by David Chapman, Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator at Manchester Memorial High School. It was designed for high school students with an interest in cooking or exploring work in an assisted living facility. School rules prevented sharing of detailed materials.