Working in Childcare

Learn what goes into success in the workplace and gain an understanding of early child development.


  • Community partner: a local early childhood learning center
  • Academic area: career exploration, early childhood education


  • Demonstrate responsibility, dependability, punctuality and integrity
  • Demonstrate positive self-concept in beginning work experiences
  • Work effectively with others
  • Apply problem solving and reasoning strategies
  • Understand early childhood development
  • Understand importance of nurturing and communication from caregivers in child development

Student activities

  • Write an essay on how you acquired the position.
  • Log work activities and tasks.
  • Write a two to three page history of the community partner’s business.
  • Keep observational notes on developmental milestones referencing The Developing Child by Holly Brisbane.
  • Write an essay summarizing observations and comparing individual development.
  • Present an evaluation from your employer.
  • Write a final reflective essay on your future career and educational goals.


Student participates in a portfolio review to demonstrate proficiency in the competencies in the ELO outline.

More information

Download a template to create an ELO Project Outline (MSWord, 2 pages) that fits the needs of your student.

This ELO was submitted by David Chapman, Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator at Manchester Memorial High School. It was designed for high school students with with an interest in early childhood education. School rules prevented sharing of detailed materials.